Brand New Shaping Pencils

Define With Confidence!

Enhance your permanent makeup and microblading treatments with our premium Shaping Pencils, designed for professionals who
demand precision and flexibility.

Whether mapping the arch of an eyebrow or outlining the curve of the lips, our pencils make sure that every stroke contributes to the
perfectly proportionate end result.

shaping pencil white with closeup

Shaping Pencil White

CA$ 12.50

Elevate your pre-treatment routine with our Shaping Pencil in White, an essential tool for microblading and PMU eyebrow treatments. This pencil is ideal for creating contrast and for artists who prefer a guide that stands out.

Its flat tip allows for exceptional precision, enabling you to design and refine the perfect eyebrow shape before any pigment is applied. The ability to draw fine lines or broader strokes ensures versatility and accuracy for every client’s unique features.

Keep the flat tip in perfect condition with the PhiX sharpener for consistent, high-quality results.

Available in Seven Shades

—Black, White, Deep Brown, Soft Brown, Hot Red, Nude Rose, and Pink Kiss—

our pencils cater to a range of skin tones and treatment options.

The innovative flat tip design supports both fine contours and fuller strokes, ideal for detailed mapping and filling.

Choose your shade, and discover why our Shaping Pencils are the go-to tool for professionals aiming to achieve flawless results in eyebrow and lip treatments.

Find the Perfect Match for Perfect Proportion for Each and Every Client.