Expertly developed for use with PMU machines, these pigments are stable, vibrant and completely customizable to make sure every client – no matter where in the world – can experience and enjoy beautiful PMU treatment results. 

 Phi’s new revolutionary PMU pigments combine top-tier, high-quality ingredients with beautiful, vibrant color – making sure that safety and beauty go hand in hand. 

Our Hair Stroke PMU options are the first globally to incorporate Fusion Black pigment technology. This means that the pigment compon ents contain both iron oxide and carbon black. This blend of pigments ensures a consistent color that resists fading to unwanted shades as time passes.
The variety of shades available in our Hair Stroke pigments means they are adaptable for various skin tones and types, allowing everyone around the world to achieve their dream eyebrows.
Our range of customizable lip pigment options are crafted with purely inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic blends to cater to every aesthetic preference. The purely inorganic pigments offer a seamless and natural appearance, known for their stability and long-lasting true color. Meanwhile, our hybrid pigments combine this natural integration with the vivid depth of organic pigments. Every client can achieve their perfect lip color, tailored to match their unique skin tone and desired effect.

Our Mix Shader PMU pigments are mostly purely organic or purely inorganic, and come in a range of versatile color options. This blending process allows for the combination of the best attributes of both pigment types. The hybrid pigment results can achieve a balance of the inorganic natural-looking, durable results with the organic element’s striking vibrancy and depth of color. Such versatility ensures that every enhancement is both safe and beautifully aligned with individual PMU treatment goals.

Our Black Moon and Galactic Black eyeliner pigments are designed to meet the needs of clients seeking either striking or more delicate PMU eyeliner effects. Black Moon uses a purely inorganic formula, providing a stable, long-lasting color, ideal for those seeking depth of pigment color in eyeliner applications. Galactic Black offers a hybrid blend of organic and inorganic pigment elements, providing both vivid and durable pigment color. This combination allows for rich, customizable eyeliner colors that maintain their intensity over time.

Our new PMU pigments include the precise Hair Stroke shades for natural-looking eyebrows, the vibrant Lip Blush shades for beautifully tinted lips, and the versatile Mix Shader for seamlessly blended color enhancements.

The Hair Stroke PMU technique is a sophisticated method used to enhance the appearance of natural brows, using PMU machines and needle cartridges to apply pigments under the skin of the eyebrows.

The Hair Stroke technique carefully creates thin, precise lines, which appear as individual hairs in the brow arch. This detailed approach results in a well-defined, natural-looking finish that seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing eyebrows.

Lip PMU is the perfect and lasting way to enhance natural features. We offer a premium collection of new Lip Shader PMU pigments , available in a variety of colors for both vivid and subtle enhancements.

These pigments are completely customizable, ensuring that every client can find their perfect shade match. Our innovative method allows artists to expertly contour lips with excellent PMU machine pigment compatibility – for smooth treatment and healing.

REACH compliant

Conforming to strict EU guidelines, our pigments comply not only with individual European tattooing agent regulations, but also with applicable EU REACH restrictions.

CTL Certified

Our pigments are thoroughly and extensively tested by independent laboratories to maintain the highest safety standards. This includes the accredited certification from the reputable CTL Laboratories.

Safety Assured

No substances classified as eye and skin irritants, damaging, or corrosives are used in our products.

Innovation that improves your skills.


For more detailed information on each of our Phi Artist, Phi Royal and Phi Master machines, and some helpful tips to find out which one best matches your needs, check out our shopping guide !

Universal PMU Cartridges

Compatible with a huge range of PMU machines available on the market, in addition to our own specialist machines. This means more artists can benefit from the our specialist cartridges on offer for optimal treatment results.


Check out our range of new Shaping Pencils to make sure you can craft perfect PMU proportions every single time. Coming in seven color options, there is an option for every artist’s preferences.